A “No Roads” Bug-Out Mission

A “No Roads” Bug-Out Mission

A Bug-Out Mission

I recently decided to do a bug-out mission on foot, travelling from my house to to a wooded area on the other side of town. To simulate dangerous bug-out conditions such as civil unrest or a fugitive situation (i.e. the police are at my door), I would be avoiding all roads. I worked out a route in advance using google maps and gaiagps that would enable me to get to my bug-out location via trails, woods, fields and urban environments such as parking lots, shopping centers and parks. I would be passing through several private properties, and the bug-out destination was in an off-limits wildlife refuge, so I would need to be as discreet as possible.

A “No Roads” Mission

This mission was inspired by the popular youtuber Geowizard, who pioneered “straight line missions” a few years ago with his Mission Across Wales series, wherein he attempted to cross the width of Wales in a completely straight line. He has since attempted crossings of Scotland, Norway and Wales again, spawning dozens of imitators in the process. With his latest video, he has pioneered another genre of adventure video–the “no roads mission”:

This is a clever idea; Geowizard combines urban exploration and straight line missions in an attempt to cross between two towns using no roads–just alleys, parking lots, wooded areas, canals, rooftops, shopping centers and whatever else is available. It puts an urban twist on off-road missioning, where instead of obstacles like angry farmers, hedgerows, brambles, rivers and cliffs, he faces spiked fences, filthy canals, junkie hovels, industrial areas and crazy locals.

I was fascinated to watch this; it’s basically what I call “Shadow Scouting”, or travelling by “Shadow Routes”: obscure routes that aren’t known or frequented by the authorities or general public. For example, my recent power line mission was mostly a “no roads mission”; I used a power line corridor to travel between towns, except in a few places where it wasn’t feasible.

Mission Results

My no roads bug-out mission ended up being a 7 mile walk to the destination camp site.  I bushwhacked, evaded homeowners, followed game trails and stealth-travelled across forests, fields, highways, brambles, private property, parking lots, parks and wildlife refuges. I walked another 1.5 miles to the coast to do some recon for a future scouting mission to a forbidden island. It was a fun adventure; I highly recommend trying something like this in your area. Here is a video I made of the mission: